Für PC-Spieler von Rainbow Six Siege steht ab sofort der neueste Patch 1.2 zum Download parat. Enthalten sind eine verbesserte Trefferlogik, frei auswählbare Server-Zentren, Matchmaking-Optimierungen und eine Verbindungsqualität. Weiterhin wurde folgende Fehler gefixt:

  • Fixed Error [3-0x0001000B].
  • Partial fix of the loading screen freeze (smoke background).
  • Fixed a bug in which the Tier 5 faded skin for the FBI’s 5.7 USG pistol didn’t unlock even after purchasing it.
  • Kanal: fixed a bug in which the red blocker wall was not present on a window in the holding room for Defenders and allowed them to exit their zone during the preparation phase.
  • Some lighting issues on maps have been fixed.
  • Did some fixes on an issue in which players would get stuck when walking, running or at the end of a rappel. The player could do other actions and rotate but couldn’t move.
  • Some minor collision issues have been fixed on House, Clubhouse, Kanal and Russian Café

Xbox One und PS4-Spieler müssen sich noch bis zum 14. Januar gedulden.