QuakeCon 2016 – Timetable veröffentlicht


Die diesjährige QuakeCon findet in diesem Jahr vom 4.-7. August in Dallas statt. Auf welche Events ihr euch freuen könnt, wurde jetzt durch die Herausgabe des Zeitplanes offengelegt. Dishonored 2 sowie die Neuauflage von Prey sind wohl die interessantesten Titel, die präsentiert werden. Die Show lässt sich auf Twitch über den eingerichteten Bethesda-Kanal verfolgen.



Thursday, August 4th

Annual QuakeCon Welcome
3:00pm | Streaming Live from the Ventrilo Main Stage

Friday, August 5th

Panel: Uncapped: DOOM and the Power of idTech 6
Moderated by Marty Stratton, Game Director
2:30pm -3:30pm | Sapphire Room

  • Sit down with members of id Software’s technology team (Robert Duffy, Chief Technology Officer; Billy Khan, Lead Programmer; Tiago Sousa, Lead Rendering Programmer; Shale Williams, Technical Specialist) to get an inside look on how they drive technology decisions and push the limits on graphics, framerates, and performance.

Panel: Creating Worlds: A Discussion About Bringing Life to Games, Movies, and Books
Moderated by Andrea Rene and Geoff Keighley
3:30pm – 4:30pm | Streaming Live from Topaz Room

  • Join Hugo Martin (id), Harvey Smith (Arkane), Ricardo Bare (Arkane), Andrew Reiner (Game Informer), Scott Porter (Actor), and Rick Malambri (Actor/Streamer) as they discuss the creative process and differences behind entertainment.

Fast as Hell: Live Speedrun
Moderated by Bethesda’s Global Community Lead, Matt Grandstaff and id’s Peter Sokal (Gameplay Systems Designer) and Kurt Loudy (AI Gameplay Designer)
4:30pm | Streaming Live from Sapphire RoomWatch as record-holder DraQu puts his world class speed-running abilities on display while playing DOOM running on Vulkan.Master Pancake Theater
9:00pm – 12:00am | Ventrilo Main Stage

Saturday, August 6th

PC Perspective Hardware Workshop
10:00am – 12:00pm | Streaming Live from the Ventrilo Main Stage

  • Get ready for two hours of prizes, games, and raffles during the annual PC Perspective Hardware Workshop

Panel: Creating Hell: The Art and Design of DOOM
Moderated by Adam Sessler
12:00pm – 1:00pm | Sapphire Room

  • Join key members of id Software’s development team (Marty Stratton, Game Director; Hugo Martin, Creative Director; Shinichiro Hara, Animation Director; Jerry Keehan, Level Design Director; Chris Hite, Audio Director) to get a unique look at creating and designing DOOM’s epic single-player.

QuakeCon Attendee Exclusive Presentation of Prey and Dishonored 2
2:00pm | Ventrilo Main StagePanel: Bringers of DOOM
Moderated by David Houghton (GamesRadar+)
3:00pm – 4:00pm | Streaming Live from Topaz Room

  • Join DOOM’s senior leadership team (Marty Stratton, Game Director; Hugo Martin, Creative Director; Robert Duffy, Chief Technology Officer) as they share stories about their journey to bring DOOM to a modern audience.  Learn about their reactions to the post-launch acclaim as well as get an exclusive look at never-before-seen production assets and art.

Official QuakeCon Tournament Finals Party!
6:00pm | Streaming Live from the Ventrilo Main Stage

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