Knights and Bikes – Ankündigungstrailer zum neuen Double Fine-Spiel


Der Entwickler Double Fine hat einen Ankündigungstrailer zu seinem neuen Spiel Knights and Bikes veröffentlicht.

Knights and Bikes ist ein Action-Adventure das speziell für Koop-Spieler entwickelt wird. Ihr könnt es entweder lokal oder online zu zweit genießen.


Das sagt der Entwickler:

„We’ve had incredible support from our Kickstarter backers, and we have been working flat-out to deliver the adventure that we’ve promised to everyone! But as we are just a team of two working in tandem, its good to have a few more gang-members, to pedal alongside us, sharpen the jousting poles and make sure we don’t crash, get a flat-tyre, or flip over the handlebars.“ Said Rex Crowle, really overdoing the bike metaphors.

„Wait, first tell me what they said about us,“ said Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer. „Was it nice? Or just kind of okay? Because if I say something nice and then they don’t mention us, I’ll look really desperate.” The games industry veteran elaborated, “I’ll just say I love Knights, Bikes, Moo, and Rex, and that Double Fine is super happy to be presenting their amazing game, unless their quote was meh–in that case just make my quote the shrug emoticon.“ ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Shrugging back, Moo Yu took the higher-ground. „I’ve spent so many hours plunging myself into the imaginative worlds that Double Fine has conjured, getting to know their intriguing characters inside and out. In Knights and Bikes, I want players to feel that same connection and curiosity as they meet our cast of misfits and delve into the mysteries of the island of Penfurzy.”

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