Die Militärsimulation Arma 3 kann ab sofort und noch das ganze Wochenende über kostenfrei angespielt werden. Wie Bohemia Interactive bekannt gab, wird das Hauptspiel sowie sämtliche DLCs zeitgleich auf Steam im Preis gesenkt.

Für das kommende Wochenende hat Bohemia zudem einen Leitfaden veröffentlicht, der sich an Neueinsteiger aber auch erfahrene Spieler richtet:

All units

Clear your schedule for the weekend + stock up on food and drinks + (semi-)optional: give flowers to your significant other

If you’re new to Arma 3

– Install Arma 3 (and tell your friends to do the same)
– Join a multiplayer server and have no idea what you’re doing
– Become familiar with Arma 3 by playing the „Bootcamp Prologue“ singleplayer campaign
– Check out the Virtual Arsenal/Garage and play around in the Scenario Editor
– Get the game at 66% off (and consider joining/starting an Arma 3 Unit[units.arma3.com] for the ultimate experience)

If you’re an existing Arma 3 player

– Spread the word and invite your friends (via social media, pigeon messenger, town crier)
– Join a multiplayer server, and go (tactical) Rambo on all the newcomers
– Light up a victory cigar
– Take a few rookies under your wing (share your Arma knowledge, recruit them to your community group, etc.)
– Eat, brush teeth, sleep – then repeat steps 1-5

If you’re none of the above

– This option is currently not available
– Performing systems check…
– „Free Weekend“ detected
– Please install Arma 3 to continue

Jokes aside, we wish you and your friends a wonderful (free) weekend. Have fun playing the game!“

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