ARK: Survival Evolved – Patch optimiert Dinosaurier


ARK: Survival Evolved soll bereits in der kommenden Woche ein Update erhalten, welche sich gänzlich einigen Kreaturen im Spiel widmet. So kündigte Entwickler Studio Wildcard unlängst an, dass Patch „TLC Phase 1/v277“  in den Startlöchern steht.

Das Update ist vorerst lediglich für den PC eingeplant und soll als erstes die Dinos Direbear, Procoptodon, Gigantopithecus , Dire Wolf und Tyrannosaurus Rex überarbeiten. Dabei sollen neben der grafischen Darstellung auch das Verhalten innerhalb des Spiels optimiert werden. Es ist bereits eine zweite Phase geplant, in der dann die beiden Monster Argentavis und Spinosaurus folgen sollen.

Im Folgenden findet ihr alle Patchnotes im Überblick:

Dino TLC – The Procoptodon!

  • Receives a model update, animation update, sound pass, and some new abilities:
  • Will take reduced fall damage
  • Carry weight will be noticeably increased
  • Can carry small creatures and baby dinos in its pouch
  • A knockback kick which can affect significantly larger dinos
  • Added an aimed jump which can be used by holding down the Jump key
  • Carried characters in a pouch have reduced food consumption rate when carried by
  • Mate-Boosted Female Procoptodons.
  • Babies imprinted while in a carried Procoptodon pouch receive more affinity

Dino TLC – The Gigantopithecus A.K.A Bigfoot!

  • Receives a model update, animation update, new fur, sound pass and some new abilities:
  • The Bigfoot will receive an armour-degrading attack; this means when it fights, it’ll do more damage to your armour’s durability. It is important to note that the armour-degrading attack will not affect the Yeti creatures found in the game.
  • Added the capability to climb ziplines (but not jump between them)
  • Added a jump
  • It can now carry and throw small creatures
  • Throwing has been made more accurate, similarly to crabs with targetting cursor

Dino TLC – The Direbear!

  • Receives a model update, animation update, new fur and some new abilities:
  • When riding a Direbear, players will be immune to bees. They won’t be able to knock you off your bear, and they will target focus the bear instead of the player.
  • The Direbear will also be able to harvest honey from wild beehives without attracting bees or hurting the hive. Plus the amount of honey it receives will be 2x the standard amount.

Dino TLC – The Direwolf!

  • Receives a model update, animation update, new fur and some new abilities:
  • Howl now activates a pack buff for 5 minutes (with a minute cooldown). When the Alpha howls, the pack also howls. The pack buff strengthens the Alpha, as well as its pack (reduced amount vs Alpha)
  • Hunter’s Instinct passive buff which will allow it to sniff out people/creatures with less than 50% health
  • Sniff tertiary ability to indicate nearby explorer notes, or to detect buried/stealth creatures

Dino TLC – The Rex!

  • Receives a model update, animation update,  and some new abilities:
  • Its roar should receive a CD and make non-allies (under a certain dragweight) poop to act as a small stun/interrupt. There will be a cooldown on victims so that they cannot be pooplocked continuously.
  • The roar will not be able to scare anything above its level
  • Roar will cause players to poop but not stun them
  • Rex’s ability to climb over small rocks and steeper slopes have been improved.