Xbox One – Preview Mitglieder bekommen neues Update

Heute ist Freitag und wir stehen kurz vorm Wochenende. Passend dazu hat Microsoft ein weiteres Update für die Xbox One Preview Member rausgehauen. Major Nelson hat die freudige Nachricht via Twitter verkündet. Mit diesem Update kommen weitere Funktionen hinzu, darunter das Verschieben der Pins und Gamerscore Leaderboards.

New Features:

• Move Pins
You can now move and reorganize pins on your Xbox One dashboard. To do this, highlight a pin and press the Y button, or, highlight a pin and press the Menu button, then select Move from the app menu.

You’ll also find a new Quest in the Preview Dashboard app titled „Move Pins Around!“

• Gamerscore Leaderboard
The Gamerscore leaderboard is back! To access the Gamerscore leaderboard, launch the Quick Guide (navigate left on the dashboard or double press the Xbox button), highlight your signed in profile, select My profile from the dropdown, and navigate to the Achievements tab.

• Sports in OneGuide
OneGuide now has its own dedicated Sports area! Sports is consistently one of the most watched type of programming on Xbox One.Consistent with our goal with OneGuide of enabling you to spend less time searching and more time watching, we’ve created a single destination for you to browse Sports video content. Dive into live sports events and programming from both apps and your cable or set-top box provider in the Watch Now and Trending on Live TV sections. View the latest sports clips and highlights from our partners through App Channels.

You’ll also find a new Quest in the Preview Dashboard app titled „OneGuide Sports“.

• Blu Ray Discs and DVDs Recognized as Audio CDs
When inserting a Blu Ray disc or DVD, the console should no longer incorrectly recognize it as an audio CD.
Known Issues:

• Game Updates
You may encounter an issue in which game updates start at a high percentage (99-100%) and linger at that percentage for a long time. Unless the game tile displays an error message, the update is being successfully applied, but the progress bar is displaying a higher value than it should.

If you encounter this issue please submit feedback by holding down the Xbox button on the controller and selecting Report a problem from the power menu.

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